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We also advise online.

We would be happy to pass on our knowledge about the skin to you. For example, that your skin needs different care on different days and places, at different times of the year and in different phases of life. For each phase, we give you the right products and care concepts that are right for you. Because with well-groomed skin, sparkling eyes, healthy teeth and supple lips - that's how beautiful we want to see you.

Holistic skin care


Our skin nourishes and renews itself on its own, cosmetics cannot and should not take over this task. The Dr. Hauschka concept aims to clean, strengthen, care for and decorate.

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Skin picture guide


Your skin and you do not fit into rigid boxes. You need consistent skin care concepts on different days and places, in different seasons and phases of life. Find out here what is good for your skin.

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Skin care plans


We have developed skin care plans for you at home that are tailored to different skin types. You don't know what type of skin you currently have? We offer you three ways to answer the question.

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Online skin test


No matter whether you are the Dr. Whether you have just discovered Hauschka cosmetics or have been using our products for years - we will work with you to develop a personal care plan that is tailored to your current skin condition.

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Online skin consultation team


Do you have any questions about the use of Dr. Hauschka products or to Dr. Hauschka cosmetic treatment? Would you like to know which Dr. Hauschka care is best for you? Our Dr. provides answers. Hauschka specialist and skin advisory team right here.

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Cold sores


Dry lips? Feeling of tension in the lips, which is often followed by a tingling sensation? Itchy, painful cold sores? Regular care during the healthy phase can prevent this.

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Dental and oral care


Your mouth and teeth have more influence on your health than you think. It is therefore important to strengthen the resistance of tooth enamel and the oral flora. The anthroposophical dentist Dr. knows that this is best done holistically. med. dent. To tell Guildenstern.

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Makeup looks


Here are four selected beautiful make-up looks for you to reapply.

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