Research, development and production

We stick to the rhythm.

Our company founder Dr. Rudolf Hauschka liked to do things differently. For example, he was dissatisfied with the fact that plant extracts often contained alcohol as a preservative. Therefore, he developed a procedure that used the rhythms of nature instead.
Even today, this rhythmic extract procedure remains part of our complex manufacturing process. During this, we subject natural substances to the alternating influence of heat and cold, darkness and light and rest and movement. As a result, our products remain stable and have a good shelf life even without synthetic preservatives.


We compose cosmetics.

You need more than a melody to create a symphony. Only through the complex interaction of the individual instruments in an orchestra can the music be produced in all ist glory.
Similar applies to each and every Dr. Hauschka Skin Care formulation. As a manufacturer of natural remedies, we know that every plant, every natural ingredient and its specific properties contributes to making the overall composition of a product harmonious and effective. Even if this makes the manufacturing processes somewhat more complicated.