Maintaining the rhythm

In rhythm with nature

“Study the rhythms; rhythm brings life“. This is the advice that Rudolf Steiner once gave to Dr. Rudolf Hauschka as a young man. Inspired by this concept, the chemist developed a unique procedure for producing plant extracts. Even today, we still use the powers of natural polarities for our valuable natural cosmetics: the rhythmic alternation between light and darkness, warmth and cold, movement and rest. We rhythmically stir our oil extracts and medicinal plant essences, rhythmically expose them to changing temperatures and regularly allow them to alternate between rest and movement. The work in our medicinal herb garden is also shaped by rhythms: the changing seasons determine everything we do – and don’t do.


Following the skin’s natural rhythm.

We do not regard rhythm as an end in itself. The meticulous production process enables us to preserve the strengths of nature and the effect of our medicinal plants without using any alcohol. And naturally also without any synthetic preservatives. The way our cosmetics take effect is also based on rhythms. The Dr. Hauschka products are designed to cleanse, tone and moisturise, as well as to be used as make-up – while also considering the skin’s natural day/night rhythm. We therefore offer the skin protective care during the day and help it regenerate at night with stimuli-packed night care. Rhythm provides connection.

Rhythm provides connection.

In addition to the above, we also regard rhythm as a means of establishing contact. Not only with our own bodies but also with the world around us. And we do this at regular intervals. We get in contact with creative minds and inspired free spirits and ask them for their views on our brand. And on all the topics that affect and drive us with their very own rhythm. Artistically. Contagiously. And always differently. One moving result is this very rhythmic interpretation of the Dr. Hauschka natural cosmetics, a film devised by the agency ‘Heimat’: the creative minds use dance to present a brand that is in complete harmony with the rhythm of nature.