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Medicinal plant garden

The source of valuable raw materials

Medicinal plants for Dr. We prefer to harvest Hauschka cosmetics from our medicinal plant garden. It is located directly behind our oldest company building in Eckwälden. Diverse rhythms and a closed natural cycle determine our work, and we leave room for the wild. A real oasis.

Biodiversity: Diversity instead of monocultures.

We cultivate more than 150 different medicinal plants in our medicinal plant garden for the production of Dr. Hauschka Cosmetics and WALA Medicines. This diversity is unique and our garden is a colorful biotope - with shady, wooded and sunny areas with beds and meadows, trees and bushes. Every plant and numerous animals find their individual habitat here. There are also several colonies of bees swarming in our garden. But it's not just them that need protection and attention, toads and birds are also part of an intact nature. That's why we have nesting holes for birds, stone towers for lizards and wild bees, as well as a pond in which many animal species feel comfortable. Our medicinal plant garden offers a stable habitat and a diverse range of food all year round.


Biodynamic cultivation.

Our medicinal plant garden measures around five hectares. Our gardeners cultivate this area biodynamically on an annual basis. What that means? From our own seeds we grow the next generation of plants that thrive in the closed organism of our garden: in the area of ​​tension between the living soil, the environment and the climate in which they grow. We work with compost, crop rotation and green manure, constantly monitoring the development of the garden and constantly gaining new experiences, especially in times of climatic changes. We never stop learning.

Our compost – the gold of the garden.

Various compost heaps are an integral part of our medicinal plant garden. They provide the sustainable structure so that soil and plants can thrive in harmony. Not all compost is the same; for example, we differentiate between leaf compost and manure compost. Each pile is turned by hand about four times until ripe. This means we can directly perceive the changing quality of the compost. After turning, our gardeners add various biodynamic preparations to the compost. Nettle, chamomile, yarrow, oak bark and dandelion help the compost develop. Finally, a thick layer of straw forms a protective skin on each compost heap.


With care and by hand.

In the garden, each plant receives its own personal care. Our gardeners harvest the leaves, flowers, fruits or roots of the plants by hand all year round and use them to produce plant extracts. By the way, all plant processing departments are right next to the garden. This means the harvest can be processed as freshly as possible.


Guided tours: Visit us in Eckwälden.

Humans and nature are connected and influenced by each other. Our medicinal plant garden reminds us of this every day. Visit us in Eckwälden and experience our special view of people and nature on a tour of the medicinal plant garden.


During the year.



In the cold season, our greenhouse becomes the popular center of the garden. There, for example, the seedlings of the brood leaf are waiting to be planted outdoors in spring. We start with the first spring sowings.