Regenerating Intensive Skin Care

Care for mature skin - from 50 on, the skin needs more intensive care
Dr. Hauschka Regenerating Intensive Skin Care:
strength and resilience for mature skin

You live life to the full and have experienced a great deal. You have enjoyed the highs and overcome the lows. Now, you have truly arrived and are at one with yourself. You draw on your wealth of life experience.

Yet as we age, the vital processes in our body slow down. This also affects our skin, with fine lines and wrinkles becoming part of what makes you you. The skin’s natural protective abilities become weaker, the connective tissue loses elasticity and the skin gets drier, thinner and more sensitive. This often occurs after the menopause, at around 55 years of age.

Now, the skin primarily needs long-lasting protection as well as very rich skin care and support. The Regenerating Intensive products from Dr. Hauschka fulfil these special requirements. They are extremely rich and offer intensive skin care and long-lasting protection. They also make the skin demonstrably firmer, strengthen its natural barrier, increase its resilience and help counteract waning elasticity. Your skin receives optimum care all day long and is left feeling soft, smooth and toned with a radiant and well-nourished complexion.

Confirmed effectiveness.*

Improves the skin’s firmness.
Strengthens the skin’s resilience.
Offers long-lasting protection.
Preserves moisture.

*Proven by scientific tests conducted by independent institutes and confirmed by test subjects in user studies.


Individual skin care for individual needs

Depending on the skin condition or time of year, demanding, dry skin can require more intensive care. Adapt your skin care to your own personal needs with the new intensive regenerating products.

Regenerating Oil Serum Intensive is optimally aligned with Regenerating Day Cream Intensive and intensifies its effect. You decide what your skin needs right now: mix it with the day cream to intensify its skin care effect. If you need additional protection, apply it directly on top of the day cream, i.e. start with the day cream, then apply the oil serum.


Blackthorn: a master of preserving strength and vitality

The protective effect of blackthorn has been known for centuries; even the Greeks and Romans used it as a medicinal plant. The snow has barely melted when it opens its blossoms and the fruit need the cold to develop their sweetness. Blackthorn knows how to preserve and protect strength and vitality. It is therefore a key ingredient in the Regenerating Intensive products.

We use WALA’s own extracts obtained from blackthorn blossom and fruit: the essence produced from the blackthorn fruit, rich in tannins and antioxidants, offers the skin intensive protection. The extract of hand-picked blackthorn blossom strengthens and fortifies the skin. The day cream and oil serum also contain valuable oils. They make the skin silky-soft, leave it feeling beautifully smooth and offer it long-lasting protection.


Almond: packed with strengthening nutrients

Almond is one of the oldest cultivated plants in the world. We formulate the day cream with a new, WALA-own extract: almond milk. The almonds are chopped up and heated in water to create the precious, creamy almond milk with a balanced and nourishing ratio of fat and water. The high-quality extract nourishes and strengthens the skin. We formulate the oil serum with the mild, lipid-replenishing oil obtained from organic almond seeds. This leaves the skin feeling beautifully silky-smooth.