Regenerating Skin Care: Care for mature skin from 40

Body and face care from 40

Dr. Hauschka Regenerating Skin Care:
vitality and renewal strength for mature skin

As we reach the prime of life, a phase marked by particular quality begins: active and full of energy, you draw on plentiful resources. You enjoy all the facets of your life and consciously take your future into your own hands. You have lots of plans and implement your ideas with enthusiasm, creativity and fire in your belly.

Your skin also reveals this joie de vivre. Initial fine lines and wrinkles that are part of your life and tell of your experiences start to appear. This often occurs around the age of 40. The time has come to care for your skin in ways that will help it age with beauty and remain full of energy and vitality. After all, if there is one thing you can rely on, it is that your cells will never forget how the renewal process works and will always have the strength for it. In our often hectic everyday lives, they sometimes just need a little reminder though.

We do this with the effective products in the Dr. Hauschka Regenerating Skin Care range. These offer the skin infectious vitality and encourage it to preserve moisture and create firmness. The skin receives revitalising stimuli that specifically trigger and promote its natural cycle of regeneration. Your skin is supported but can remain active. The end result is a radiant and nourished complexion, that is as individual as you.


Red clover: packed with life and vitality

A plant that flowers in almost every meadow from May to September and can be cut multiple times during this period knows the secret of renewal. The extraordinarily dynamic plant of red clover is therefore a key ingredient in the Dr. Hauschka Regenerating Skin Care range.

The products in this range are formulated with a red clover extract produced by WALA itself. An aqueous red clover extract matures in large earthenware vats for seven days, manually stirred with great vigour every morning and evening. This produces a valuable essence containing red clover’s regenerative strengths. The essence stimulates the skin’s revitalisation, which in turn positively affects the age-induced changes. The premature appearance of wrinkles can therefore be prevented, and your skin has extra strength to combat the strains of everyday life.