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Are you aware of this little secret? When you sleep at night, your skin is very much awake. We follow this alternating rhythm every day of our lives. Whereas during the day, our bodies open up to the environment, absorbing impressions and nourishment, the night is used to process all that we took in and prepare for the new day ahead.

Your skin uses your nightly rest period to thoroughly regenerate from within and form new substances. As it does not need to protect itself against environmental influences at night, the skin can open up during this phase and optimally cleanse itself from within. It excretes excess metabolic products. 

The next morning your skin looks wonderful and recuperated – especially if you support it with the right night care.

Dr. Hauschka Skin Care supports this nightly regeneration process with aqueous, revitalising night care products that respect the skin’s rhythm. These are based on medicinal plant extracts, which offer the skin important stimuli. Even back in the 1930s, Elisabeth Sigmund realised that oily night care hinders the skin’s important night-time excretion process. When she worked with us to develop Dr. Hauschka Skin Care in the 1960s, this knowledge became an important basic pillar of our skin care culture.

But what exactly does it mean when we say that Dr. Hauschka Skin Care products give the skin stimuli? Our products do not just want to provide outer skin care, but also to activate and support the skin’s regenerative abilities. They want to act as a role model for the skin, almost as though this were a child. The skin learns from us when we demonstrate things, but then has to practice what it has been shown and build on this. In doing so, it loves receiving shouts of encouragement. A role model for the skin? This is something that genuine natural cosmetics like those from Dr. Hauschka Skin Care can be since your skin and nature are in perfect harmony.


Interview with Elena Palackovic

Group Head of Facial Care Product Management at WALA Heilmittel GmbH, about aqueous, stimuli-packed night care with medicinal plant extracts 

Ms Palackovic, many customers do not think that Dr. Hauschka offers night care. How would you respond to this as an expert?

We have a comprehensive night care range that follows a completely unique concept. We opt for aqueous, stimulating formulations, which assist the skin with its nightly regeneration processes. We have been building on this concept since 1967 when Dr. Hauschka Skin Care was first launched. 

What are the skin regeneration processes you mentioned?

At night, when we rest, our skin becomes active. For example, many metabolic processes take place. The skin cleanses and renews itself during the night. It excretes excess substances and forms new ones. We want to support it during this phase with our night care products. 

You just said that you use aqueous formulations for these night care products. Why do you not offer oil-based night creams?

Oily preparations protect the skin and are for the daytime. At night, the skin no longer focuses on providing protection. Oil-free, aqueous products are better at this time. They act as a role model for the skin, demonstrating a vibrant, opening and dynamic metabolic process. This works best with the elixir of life: water. At the same time, they do not impede the active excretion of substances. 

How exactly does this oil-free night care support the skin over night?

At the heart of the finely balanced compositions are rhythmic medicinal plant extracts and carefully selected minerals. In developing the products, we drew on our wealth of medical and pharmaceutical expertise. These formulations are our answer to the skin’s needs at night. The ingredients stimulate the skin’s natural abilities and regulate its fine metabolic processes. With the aid of this support, the skin can regulate its functions.

You mentioned an entire night care range. What does that consist of?

We differentiate between basic night care products for nightly use and products that are used in 28-day treatment phases. The basic night care regime comprises the three steps: cleanse, tone and revitalise. The core night care product for treatment phases is Renewing Night Conditioner, an ampoule treatment which revitalises the skin.

Why do the treatment phases last 28 days?

It takes 28 days for all of the cells in human skin to completely renew. Renewing Night Conditioner supports this 28-day rhythm with the aid of medicinal plants such as rose, marsh mallow and anthyllis, supplemented by silver and madonna lily – all rhythmically prepared with great vitality. Renewing Night Conditioner acts as a role model. It teaches the skin to return to a normal skin condition. Depending on the skin’s needs, we also offer intensive treatments, for example for mature skin, youthful, blemished skin or hypersensitive skin.

How did you come up with the idea of aqueous night care?

We have Elisabeth Sigmund to thank for this concept. The Viennese esthetician and researcher developed her own natural cosmetics range in the 1950s. In the 1960s, she played a major role in the development of Dr. Hauschka Skin Care. In Vienna, she studied medicine for two semesters and spent a long time looking at the physiology of the skin. While doing so, she theorised that oil-free night care had to be better for the skin. Her own tests confirmed this. Incidentally, there is a lovely quote from Elisabeth Sigmund from the period in the 1960s when Dr. Hauschka Skin Care was first being developed. At the time, she was living in Sweden and involved in the development work from afar. When Dr. Hauschka Renewing Night Conditioner (then known as Rhythmic Night Conditioner) was developed, she wrote: “I have now performed a full skin treatment on myself with such success that my husband recently asked: ‚why do you always look so young now?’ No further comment is needed.“

Dr. Hauschka night care in three steps